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A Simple But Effective Home Remedy Tips for Vicks Rub

It’s time to learn how the vapor run can be more than just the common coughing remedy you are used to! But did you know that you can truly use it for several other home problems? The menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus vapor will have more than just the common cold and cough to cure!

The menthol rub decongests the chest, and so; you will almost always lead to it. People also use it to relieve coughs and nasal congestion. But, did you know that the herbal product has several other uses. Now, here is how the vapor rub can be used to reduce pains, repel pests and solve the conflicts between your pets and the furniture, if you understand! Here we go!

Relieve a disturbing earache
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When you have an aching ear, you should find a way to stop it. Well, you will need to get to a physician, but the first thing that you need to do is to stop the pain. The menthol vapor will do wonders, especially if you apply it in the right manner. All you need is a clean cotton ball. Use the ear stick to apply the vapor rub in the ear. Well, it does not fight the infection there in, but it surely works to relieve the pain. Then, you can head to the clinic.
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Get back in shape!

That you can get rid of your abdominal fat and get a slim waist is one of the wonders of the menthol vapor. Well, this may sound a little new, but if you know how to come up with the fat-fighting solution, you will end up with that slender shape that you have been looking for! You need to mix tablespoons of camphor, baking soda, and whiskey with half a jar of the Vicks vapor.

Then, you will need to mix until you get a uniform paste. Every day you want to go for a workout, you will need to rub it to your belly and abdomen area. If you want to wash the menthol vapor off your skin; then you will need to use plenty hot soapy water. Notably, the menthol paste works the same way as the expensive slimming products you find in the stores.

Anyway, you can use simple things to solve common home problems. Having the menthol product in your home is prudent. Other uses of this product include; removal of dead cells from your skin, chasing bugs from home and maintaining your beauty. Now, do you see just how many things the vapor can do? Honestly, why don’t you try it now?!

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