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The Duration It Takes for Weed to Stay in Your Body

The period that weed will stay in your body is a complex topic. Since many factors have to be taken into consideration before you can confidently say that weed can stay for this particular duration of time. Also, the time weed will stay in your body is dependent on what way you are using to test. We shall now pay our attention to the saliva and urine test.

The most widely used way of testing THC compound which is the key psychoactive in cannabis is through a urine test. The benefit of using urine test is that it is both cheap and you can be able to detect cannabis for a much longer period. The urine test is similar to the other tests in the sense that it is also used in finding if your system has the THC-COOH. If in your systems you have traces of THC-COOH it implies that your body recently processed the compound.

The time it takes for cannabis to be in your system is controlled by how regularly you use cannabis. Since the primary storage area of THC is in your body fat, it will gradually accumulate over duration of time. Regardless of the method you use in consuming weed, the duration of time it will take to be identified by the urine test is dependent on how often you smoke or eat the marijuana.

Ideally THC will stay for a longer duration of time in urine if you are a heavy user of cannabis.The THC compound will stay in your body for more than a month even after stopping the use of marijuana. Hence, it will be wise for you to do a urine test only if you have stopped using cannabis a month before the test.Well the other way you can use to temporarily clear THC in your system before doing a urine test is the use of tablets that remove the THC toxins. The disadvantage of using this technique is that the drug administered will only last for thirty minutes.

The Duration Cannabis Remains in a Consumer’s Saliva

If you are going to be scanned for marijuana using the saliva testing method, you may be worried about how long it can be noticeable in your system.Normally, THC lasts for a short time in saliva. More so, this drug testing method is commonly used by traffic police officers in testing drivers who may be driving under the influence of the drug. THC metabolites will be noticeable in a consumer’s saliva within 1 hour after smoking the drug and can stay noticeable in saliva for up to 24 hours following a single puff.However, the detection period of weed in regular users can reach up to 3 days following consumption.

Because THC is absorbed in the users’ body over time, most chronic users are advised to wait at least for seven days before they take a saliva test.

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